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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Music bring harmony to soul

Music is not just the listening of sounds, beats and tones but if listened properly, it can be more than just amusement. Music can have an intense effect upon your concentration, your focusing power, your ability to observe and learn the things and to heal also although we may not be very conscious about it. Music can inspire us, educate us, and transform us emotionally. Music can bring harmony to our souls. Nowadays, music is stronger then ever as almost all sorts of music are available in the market and one can get benefited by listening to his/her favorites. Actually, the entire human energetic system is extremely influenced by sounds, the physical body and mind respond specifically to certain tones and frequencies. Among the first stress-fighting changes that take place when we hear a tune is an increase in deep breathing. Thus it helps us in removing all the worries and tensions from our mind and we feel relaxed and comfortable. We respond to the soothing music associating it with the safe, relaxing and protective environment as provided with meditation. So there is nothing like music to reduce stress.


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