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Monday, August 08, 2005

Music is a momentous mood changer.

Tom Miller, director of the study by Roper Starch Worldwide, found that 56 percent people said that music minimized stress. Thus it is clear that music has a direct effect on our body. Music has a positive effect on our psychological and physical mind. Actually, scientifically speaking, rhythm is processed in those parts of the brain that controls the heart rate and blood pressure. Thus music or digital music is as effective as meditation. Music can bust high stress levels as well as induce muscle relaxation. In fact, music reduces stress levels so effectively that stress hormone levels actually sink. Above all, music is a momentous mood changer. Music is a language of expressions. And it is also used as a way to express your feelings out and thus acting as stress reliever as it directly appeals to the mind and body. The beauty of the music lies in that both the listener and the player feel relieved after hearing and playing music. One should also listen to music while doing work, if possible because it may increase your efficiency too.

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