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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Music brings Happiness in Life

Happiness in life can be attained if we make music a part of our life. Digital Music brings happiness in our life as it helps in releasing our stress and develops the human behaviour. If a person is free from the stress then he can attain happiness. Let us see how digital music helps is gathering happiness

It is believed that digital Music releases stress by
* Providing a predictable, and "secure" environment (thus facilitating mental comfort).
* Inducing feelings of well being.
* Decreasing physical responses, such as heart rate and respiration. (Calming)
* Inducing and maintaining relaxation once it occurs.
* Bringing order to chaotic situations.
* Providing a break from frenetic activity.
Music Helps emotionally by
* Adding enjoyment to life
* Shifting mood from blue or blah to more upbeat
* Providing connections with others through memories or common experiences
* Provide common ground through shared music preferences
* Fostering feelings of comfort and familiarity

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