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Monday, September 05, 2005

Music for the mind and body

Music has the capability to indicate by referring to indispensable experiences of the personified human being, and much of the psychologically communicative whack of music emerges noticeably from the realm of the body. Music can considerably pick up the elucidation, style, and emotional assurance of the presentation by learning to control electrical activity in the brain. Aside from the absolute enjoyment, music does have an important role in the Stress management of an individual's life. Playing live music to patients can help to lower their blood pressure and reduce depression and anxiety. Music also help you to relieve, manage and minimize the effects of stress, anxiety and burnout with peaceful, soothing, gentle waves of sound that will help you to relax, smooth out and control how you feel. Music releases stress by decreasing the physical responses and induces the feeling of well-being. It also helps a person emotionally by nurturing feelings of comfort and familiarity and providing connections with others. Music also increases the productivity of a human being by stimulating physical responses and by expanding the intellectual activity of the person.

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