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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Musical Meditation an Enlightening Experience

Meditation is a very enlightening experience. It helps you stay calmer under pressure conditions. Meditation with digital music is a better combination and affects the person mentally as well as physically as it provides inner balance. It brings you close to your inner self. It helps the person to learn and integrate emotions. In a way musical meditation teaches self control which is very important to lead a peaceful and content life. It connects you to the almighty and makes life worth living. It makes a person open to new experiences of life. You become more responsible towards others and the situations you come across. It makes you a fighter as it brings strength and confidence. It makes you able to shift your viewpoint quickly from narrow focus to big picture. It brings more beauty in life and lifts your spirits. It relaxes your muscles and nerves. Meditation in combination with digital music is very helpful in recovering from fatigue quickly. The immune system becomes stronger and healing power of your body increases. In case you have high blood pressure it lowers that also. Meditation with digital music helps you enjoy the life to fullest and function in a proper and healthy manner. It makes you aware of your feelings and raises your capacity to give and receive love. So at last we conclude that musical meditation has both physical and emotional benefits.

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