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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Role of Music in meditation

Meditation is a spiritual practice which is performed in order to feel the inner soul. Meditation helps a person to feel the existence of the universal spirit. Digital music helps us in the realization of the Universal Spirit. Music transports us to a place where we can feel emotion without having to 'think' of new thoughts. Generally digital music for meditation is light classic, but it can differ from person to person. Whenever we listen to the digital music for meditation we can feel the tones, dynamics and rhythms of the music, which takes the mind away from redundant or negative thinking.
Digital music breaks our cycle of thought enough to allow my natural energy to flow freely again; thus making us more energetic. Even listening to one piece of uplifting digital music can regulate
our breathing, when it is ragged from feeling agitated. Digital music meditation relaxes our body, regulates our breathing, and seems to calm and uplift our thinking. And, as these are worthy
rewards aren't a few minutes worth enjoying!


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