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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Different Facets of Music

Digital Music elevates the spirit and soul of the individual. It moves the individual from this materialistic world to the world of spirit. Digital Music is the great path between the spirituality and this materialistic world.

Digital Music is a part of life and we can say one of the most important part elements of our life. Every person has the individual Musical talents. Some has the ability to express the emotions through music some have the strength to feel the beauty of the music, enjoy it and be touched by it.

From the olden days Music has been the part of our life. At that time music was used to hold prayers to praise their creators. Now music can be seen in a wide variety. Music is not just a combination of beautiful sounds that pleases the ear; it is an essential nourishment of the soul. Food might taste good, but the purpose of food is the nourishment of the body. Similarly music's purpose is the nourishment of the spirit.
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