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Friday, October 28, 2005

Digital Music: an art based on emotional understanding

Art is based on emotional understanding, on the feeling of the Unknown which lies behind the visible and the tangible, and on creative power, the power, that is, to reconstruct in visible or audible forms the artist’s sensations, feelings, visions and moods, and especially a certain fugitive sensation, which is in fact the feeling of the harmonious interconnection and oneness of ‘everything’ and the feeling of the "soul" of things and phenomena. ... an art which does not reveal mysteries, which does not lead to the sphere of the Unknown, does not yield new knowledge, is a parody of art, and still more often it is not even a parody, but simply a commerce or an industry.

The interpretation of emotional experiences and ‘emotional understanding’ is the aim of ‘art.’ In the combination of words, in their meaning, in rhythm, in music, in the combination of meaning, rhythm and music; in sounds, in colours, in lines, in forms - men create a new world and try to express in it that which they feel but cannot express and convey simply in words, i.e. in concepts. ... The combination of feeling and thought of high intensity leads to a higher form of inner life, define to define in ordinary language. Thus, in art we already find the first experiments in a ‘language of the future.’ And so Digital Music marches in the vanguard of inner evolution, anticipating the forms it is to assume tomorrow.

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