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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Digital Music: A tool to prompt your Emotions

Emotions are the integral components of living, acting and interacting organisms. The relation between emotions and music has occupied humans since ancient times and for many people, emotional experiences are the reason why they engage in music. It is widely assumed that music can express and also trigger emotions. However, in spite of intensive research in this area, one has not yet reached a sufficient understanding of the relationship between music and emotions.

Music can move us, make us cry, or bring intense enjoyment. Music can temporarily alter our existence. But the link between the art of music and the reality of human emotion is so difficult to comprehend that many musicians have stopped trying to explain it and have reverted to composing music that consist of disjointed and disconnected sounds with little relationship to human experience.

Dr. Julie brings you the various musical vibrations which will trigger the emotions of the individual that are deep inside the heart. These Digital music vibrations help in the self expressions and the emotional expression of the individual.

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