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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Get Enlightened with Digital Music

If you get even a hint of what enlightenment is, you'll give up everything for it. Because everything that isn't enlightenment keeps vanishing all the time. At this very moment there's hardly ground beneath our feet, and what ground there is, is vanishing as we speak. People think they're awake when they're walking around in the street, but actually they're asleep then, too. Awakening is when you see through it all-the dream when you're asleep and the one when you're "awake." Then you understand that the viewpoint we have of ourselves is based on a misconception-that because we perceive our personal experience as the ultimate reality when in fact it's not, we don't approach life as we should. That’s why we need enlightenment to straighten us out.

And to help is the path of enlightenment Digital-Music helps in a great way. Digital- music has the Love poetry and inspirational music that generates the positive energies in the human being and thus helps in the path of the attaining the enlightenment.

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