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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Heartfelt Music Collection

Love Poetry and Inspirational Prayer- a multi media cd - track 1 = 42 p by DR. JULIE TRUDEAU. This CD is Light-hearted, easy listening family entertainment! According to Dr. Julie this music generates the positive and assenting energies in celebration of the Divine Love of Life.

Dr. Julie Trudeau shares the intimacies of her heart & soul in the enjoyable & inspirational spoken word audio collection of love poems and inspirational prayer, The Hand of Faith. Track 1 contains a PDF e-Book lovingly illustrating the poems & prayers in color.

Dr. Julie is the mother of daughter, Belinda Grace and a new music solo instrumental artist blissfully presenting, the truly sensational Sonic Rainbow Siren musical instrument of vibrational attunement in an exacting, Pythagorean fashion, creating exacting harmonic vibrational sculptures for greater resonance with the magnanimous Music of the Spheres as in The Super Sonic Rainbow Shower instrumental with percussion or accenting her self help, guided creative visualizations in the Sonic Spectrum Attunements.

Buy CD's of Super Sonic Rainbow Shower and visit Dr. Julie Trudeau to get more knowledge of Music.


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