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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Music and its effect

Music affects brain at different levels. Our moods change with different types of music. However, at a very deep level its effect is similar to that of deep meditation. Probably it is a reason why all great religions have stressed music as a means for praying and meditation. When we hear soul stirring music, we again get a feeling of well being. Thus, the soul stirring music and deep meditative thought has similar characteristics. This is the principle of equivalence. The brain therefore appreciates and absorbs the soul stirring music by creating the same complex thought pattern as that during meditation.

Similar effects are also seen for different types of digital music, which produce anger, sadness and other human emotions. As we evolve intellectually and spiritually, we become increasingly tuned to emotionally satisfying music, since the brain becomes supple and is able to focus on a single thought for a long time. Then singing and poetry may become the major activities of vocal chords with speech being their by-product! Digital Music can also play an important role in building a compassionate and creative society. In India, if we can continuously expose our children from early age to the great Indian and World music then it is possible to help produce a generation of citizens who are compassionate and less violent


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