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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Music and Movement

From our childhood sounds and music become the source of communication as our learning starts from telling the stories and express our feelings through body movements. A child learns to imitate patterns of sound and rhythm and become aware of music in nature, for example whistling wind, chirping birds and crickets. Once children start to use their voices to sing, it becomes important for them to listen carefully. At this stage, children enjoy songs that ask them to move and swing around, jump, twist, and clap their hands. Children respond favorably to music that is familiar. Playing a recorded song several times as background music can boost familiarity and build vocabulary as the lyrics are learned. Inventing new verses for familiar songs and spontaneous singing as they play can help children understand that music is a form of creative expression.

Hence Music plays the major role in the verbal enhancement of the child. Dr. Julie explains that Digital Music can be used for the enhancement of a child with the various aspect of development of the personality. Digital Music helps in the various movements in the child and thus helping in the harmonious development of the personality.

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