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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Music for Self Realization

Our mind easily becomes absorbed in sound. This is why we all - even infants and animals - enjoy listening to music. When the mind is fully concentrated on anything there arises a feeling of inner bliss. In Yoga, we learn that the source of the sound may be external or internal. The sound may be "gross" or "subtle." That is, it may be "struck" out loud, as from a voice or musical instrument; or "unstruck" and outwardly silent, arising inwardly as from the subtle currents of energy or prana moving throughout the body.

Digital Music brings the variety of sounds which helps in the process of meditation. Digital Music can provide the kind of sounds which heals the inner soul of the individual. With practice, concentration on carefully selected outer or "struck" sounds will enable the mind to become calm and transparent. At this point you may begin to become aware of the subtle inner "unstruck" sounds. You might perceive inner sounds that seem like bells, or flutes, or even a hum like an electrical transformer. Some of these sounds are actually just the sounds of your own body: blood pumping, or the electrical energy of nerves and inner ear. Other, deeper, sounds are the "sounds behind the audible sound."

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