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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Music: Indian Healing

Indian Music: Historically Spiritual Continuums

"Despite predisposition in India's favor, I have to acknowledge that Indian music took me by surprise. I knew neither its nature nor its richness, but here, if anywhere, I found vindication of my conviction that India was the original source." Yehudi Menuhin. The sub-continent of India is not only the cradle of civilization but Indian music has a long and unbroken tradition that is the accumulated heritage of centuries tracing its roots far, far back in time, a time when there was nothing, and the Gods created the world from sound, the sound of OM. Indians believe sound to be the heart of creation, and therefore, OM is considered a sacred syllable that embodies the quintessence of the cosmos. Hindus consider it to be the “hum” of the atoms, the music of the celestial spheres as they revolve endlessly following their orbit’s path. They believe the sound OM to be the primeval force that holds the material world together. According to Alain Danielou, the ancient Hindus were aware of and had a general theory regarding sound relating to its physics and metaphysics, theories they used in medicine, physics and magic. “Its purpose is to unite one's soul and discipline one's body, to make one sensitive to the infinite within one, to unite one's breath of space, one's vibrations with the vibrations of the cosmos.” Yehudi Menuhin.

Indian Music: A Gift from the Gods

“Indian music has continued unperturbed through thirty centuries or more, with the even pulse of a river and with the unbroken evolution of a sequoitry.” Peggy Holroyde. Indians have since time immemorial practiced music not only as an art but also a spiritual science, a medium for mystical enlightenment. Indian legends believe that the Gods and the Goddesses of the Hindu Pantheon were the creators and patrons of music. Saraswati, the Goddess of Art & Learning is represented as sitting on a white lotus while holding a Vina and Lute in one hand, playing the Vina with the other while holding an open book and a string of pearls. The Gods passed on this tradition of music to the Sages / Rishis to instruct mortal men in the art of music. In turn, man wove it into the ceremonial and spiritual ingredients of religious life, reciting and chanting mantras, a vital aspect of Vedic rituals through the centuries calling the highest musical experience “ananda” or “divine bliss”. Indian music, highly devotional in approach has an immensely calming appeal, removing daily stress as you shut out the material world and attempt to hear the hum of the atoms or the music of the spheres.

American virtuoso Sir Yehudi Menuhin has written: "We would find all, or most, strands beginning in India; for only in India have all possible modes been investigated, tabulated, and each assigned a particular place and purpose. Of these many hundreds, some found their way to Greece; others were adopted by nomadic tribes such as the Gypsies; others became the mainstay of Arabic music. Indian classical music, compared with our Western music, is like a pure crystal. It forms a complete perfected world of its own, which any admixture could only debase. It has, quite logically and rightly, rejected those innovations which have led the development of Western music into the multiple channels which have enabled our art to absorb every influence under the sun. Freedom of development in Indian music is accorded the performer, the individual, who, within fixed limits, is free to improvise without any restraint imposed externally by other voices, whether concordance or discordant - but not to the basic style, which exclude polyphony and modulation."

If that does not convince you about the therapeutic value of Music or Digital Music then visit Dr. Julie Trudeau. She would like to know about your musical experiences and whether her advice helped to alleviate the trials and tribulations of life! Leave your pugmark on her website as you experience “ananda” or “divine bliss”!


At 10:24 PM, Blogger drsundeep said...

Hi there!
Great blog u have here. Its definitely true that Indian classical music has a healing touch. Its spiritual and devotional in nature. While this concept is only now becoming clear in the west, out here, the therapeutic effects of music was known since times immeorial. Recently there was another post in a blog ( which dealt with the effects of music on the heart rate of humans.
I myself am an Indian classical music afficonado and experience its relaxing effects daily. In another experiment, in a greenhouse, separate kinds of plants were exposed to different types of music like rock, jazz, classical etc. The findings revealed that in those trees exposed to fast paced music like rock music or pop, the growth was stunted, while the growth of those trees were better which were exposed to classical music especially Indian classical.
The Indian classical music essentially appeals to the emotions of a person. The musical compositions (Raagas, as they are called) are time and season bound. Take for example a Raaga called Lalit, which is a Morning Raaga.It appeals to the person's sense of expectancy, langour and serenity which are the predominant moods found in humans upon waking. Similarly, a Raaga called Pooriya, an evening raaga appeals to the sense of uncertainity in humans at the time of approaching darkness.
It was great to learn that being a westerner, you harbour such deep feelings for India and its music, Salutations to you !

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