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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Music is symbolic but non-discursive

Music is symbolic, but non-discursive, it could be used to express the structures of psychic processes rather than the contents of those processes. Music is communication, it has been compared to the "sacred text", which contains untold stories, quiet whispers and shouts about mental pictures, memories, meanings and things, which are linked to the psychic processes during the creative process of composing. These expressions are deeply anchored to the composers' highly subjective and inner "world of mind" and its reality.

Digital music also plays an important role as it is considered to be the best mode of communication. It helps people to reduce stress and express their feelings without saying a word verbally.

So, Digital music is very useful for stress management, meditation, self expression etc. Get the related information about the Digital music in a symbolic form from Dr. Julie.


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