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Monday, November 14, 2005

Digital Music and Vibrational sounds: Affects the Cognitive Domain of Brain

Music has a great effect over our mind. It directly affects our on the subconscious and the conscious mind. Music has a great effect on the Cognitive part of the mind. Music generates internal, abstract or symbolic illustrations. Music has a great capacity to stir up deep and rich emotions. Music is considered to be the important and essential social outlet for emotional release. Not only that Music has a capacity to heighten emotional life and that emotions are an important component of the music experience.

Now the question arises how music affects our Cognitive domain of our brain. Our brain is basically divided in two major hemispheres. One of the hemispheres is affected by the verbal sounds and music and the other one is greatly affected by the non verbal sounds and these non verbal sounds are Digital Music or we can say vibrational sounds.
Dr. Julie explains about these vibrational sounds that triggers our emotions and helps in the betterment of personality by stress reduction, self realization and many more things. Thus Digital Music and the vibrational sounds plays an important role in our life.


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