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Monday, November 07, 2005

Digital Music: helps in Transcending Prejudices

Meditation and music is the very common and an ancient practice. Mediatation and music is common to almost all religions. In many recent researches it has been found that music is medically helpful in relieving stress and reducing stress-induced illnesses. Music and meditation has become the is key to happiness.

Music can be an amazing bridge between people, transcending all manners of prejudices. When music pours freely from heart people are united in its flow. It is vehicle with great potential, and it should be used in a positive and responsible manner. Music creates an intensely peaceful state that produces an easy sense of beauty and tranquility for the mind, body and soul.

Digital music helps us to achieve a meditative state with only vibrational sounds around. On a mental level digital music develops inner peace, clarity, self-confidence, self-acceptance, creativity, productivity and eventually greater self-actualization. Digital Music makes our work environment more satisfactory, improves our relationships with coworkers, supervisors and subordinates. It makes us more creative, more responsible and more productive.

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