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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Digital Music: Self enhancement

Digital Music helps in enhancing the consciousness & imagination for the fun & exciting vibrational visualization adventures with the Sonic Rainbow Siren instrument of vibrational resonance attunement.

Practical, comprehensive physical & metaphysical health & wellbeing fusion of information from the time tested ancient Eastern as well as modern Western scientific traditions are amalgamated, designed to enhance the conscious awareness & appreciation of our whole ever integrating nature, as a creative Human being, suitable for family listening & super learning.

Vibrational sounds of
Digital Music helps in liberating & ever gathering our personal unlimited potential at what ever levels we choose on a day to day basis, whatever our lifestyles. The person gets addicted to the inner peace & satisfaction of continual personal growth & expanding self awareness as you adopt the joy of a peacefully flowing lifestyle of health & wellbeing, with these specially designed audios to help keep your mind relaxed & organized, focusing on health & the wonder of wellbeing in your day to day life while exercising & expanding your true unlimited personal potential with your precious creative imagination.

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