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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Digital Music: Vibrational music has the therapeutic power

Therapeutic powers of sound have been used spontaneously by the healers from the ancient period. Within the native civilizations and the age old cultures, examples of sound and vibration are as elemental in creation and to wholeness - abound. For example, whales are clairaudient: they can hear both very low and very high frequencies and can communicate through complex vibrational pattern.
Sound is considered to be the influential, primordial force. Nowadays, a growing number of modern practitioners are rediscovering sound as a tool for healing and realignment. Dr. Julie is one of them. Modern science has shown that in the human body, auditory nerves are linked to our sense of proportion and balance, and have the power to shift our energy to the "center," bringing about a feeling of connection and tranquility.
Long ago, the human nervous system was not fully understood - but with intuitive wisdom, healers and shamans of many cultures correctly sensed that listening to vibrational sound helps us to access these auditory nerves in a way which may increase receptivity to healing energy. They knew sounds and music could induce trance states to help identify illness, and even open gateways for new healing energy to flow through.
Dr. Julie has the variety of vibrational sounds in Digital Music that brings the peace of mind and helps in stress management. Digital Music has various sound patterns that acts on the subconscious mind and helps in triggering the emotions.


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