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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Music: Healing from the Roof of the World

Music: Sacred Temple Music - Throughout the world, and through time, ancient cultural societies performed ceremonial sacred music and dance on auspicious occasions believing it opened and established communication lines with higher powers, beneficial powers that brought about healing on personal, social, and environmental levels. Whenever, a monastery in Tibet held celebrations for a spiritual festival, the people from surrounding villages and nomadic tribes congregated in the monastery courtyard for 3 to 4-days of sacred music and sacred dance. Using traditional temple instruments like bells, cymbals, drums, high horns and long horn trumpets, they chanted sacred mantras in accompaniment to the music, in an effort to generate energies conducive to world healing.

Music: Mystical Art of Healing - Ancient Tibetan medical tradition believes if mind, body and spirit are in sync, then and then only can it lead to effective healing, and create feelings of well-being. Immersed in Buddhist tradition, it is believed chanting sacred mantras (a repetitive sound), helps harmonise cosmic macrocosms and human microcosms for a complete balance among spiritual, psychological and physical elements of human health and existence.

Using singing bowls, mantra chants and sacred songs, Tibetans have learnt music and sound reduce stress, reduce muscle tension, enhance immune system functions, slow and balance brain wave activity, while increasing endorphin (happy hormone) levels, thus evoking strong emotional feelings of love and inner peace. Scientific studies prove unrelieved stress to be the underlying cause for an extensive range of diseases from heart attacks, hypertension, stroke, migraines, ulcers, inability to concentrate or sleep and irritability.

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