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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Music: Sacred Chants of Ecstasy

Music: Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit - “I'm into the sound. Sound is what heals people. That's how shamans cure, that's how Jesus cured, that's how Buddha or today's shamans and seers, that's how they cure, man - with herbs and sound and colours, and they restore the cells and molecules.” Carlos Santana. Kirtan, absolutely sublime, is an ancient form of chants and prayers set to music, the Indian sub-continent’s Sikh answer to the Gregorian Chants of the western world. Kirtan singing is an attempt to reach across infinite space, a beseeching and calling out from the deepest wellsprings of the heart, a heartrending plea to touch and be touched by the Divine Presence. This ancient form of sacred music has always had the power to invoke the Divine, and by singing kirtans, one begins a journey of healing and enlightenment as the human soul surrenders to the divine will.

Kirtan music, as gentle as the sound of falling rain, ecstatic rhythms that quell the rage of human emotions, and transport the singer and listener to a state of quiet tranquillity. Kirtan music with the sitars, accordions and tablas or Indian kettle drums creating a swirling, steady tapestry of sounds is accompanied by soul caressing vocals that help calm the mind, bringing peace and healing to the listener. The purpose of kirtan music is to get us out of our heads into our hearts, so we may align our body rhythms with the vibratory rhythms of the universe.

Music has been known to lower blood pressure, heart and respiratory rates, increase and bolster our immune system, reduce cardiac complications, and boost the body’s natural opiates. Integrating mind, body and soul means physical and emotional wellness and music plays a significant part in helping maintain a healthy lifestyle or healing serious ailments. The therapeutic power of digital music dissolves tension, releases emotion, spurs the healing process, and improves emotive and corporeal health which in turn improves the quality of life.

For more information about the healing power of digital music, tune in to Dr. Julie Trudeau daily; check out her digital music selection to begin a healing journey, a spiritual awakening to the sacred sounds of digital music! Express yourself through your choice of music!


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