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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Music Therapy: A spiritual way of healing

From the childhood we hear music in different ways. Whether it is in the form of sounds produced by birds, or we perform prayer in the morning. Every creation of God has in a way or other has music in it. Music cleaves to a major position in our society and educational systems as a performing, entertaining art. Music is well thought-out to have positive side effects of alteration, but these are not thought to be essential.

Historically, music has been a primary tool for spiritual and physical alignment, used at political and social gatherings, as well as for family, civic, or educational ceremonies. Music is considered to be the crucial force for healing, because music is simultaneously a structured and a magnificent event. From the ancient period, we have used music in all forms of worship to set a grovelling mood and a mental state, open to the influence of deity.

Music therapy represents that human activity where we work contiguous with the angels. It demands the ability to listen; ear listening, heart listening, bone listening and blood listening. Truthfully spiritual music rouses and stimulates the spiritual seeds that exist in every one of us, waiting to come to life. It lifts us above the level of everyday perception, up into those higher realms where light, love and joy ever reign. The healing properties of music were well known by the ancient civilizations, and they deliberately used it for such purpose. Among primitive peoples, songs and musical instruments, such as the drum and the rattle, were used not only in order to increase the effect of herbs or drugs, but also as independent means of healing.

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