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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Musical Vibrations: a great tool of diverse Therapies.

Everything vibrates. Everything in the body vibrates, all at its own special frequency. This is a scientific fact. When we are thrown out of balance through physical, emotional or psychic shocks, parts of our bodies and psyche can weaken or overload, creating distorted and unbalanced vibrations. Through the pioneering work of auditory psychic Sharry Edwards, Vibrational Sound therapy (called Bioacoustics in America) has been developed. Low frequency sound waves (generally below 50hz) are fed back to the body via the brain and re-mind the body where it has become out of balance, what the original healthy frequency was.When the low frequency sound waves that you most need are played back to you, they balance these peaks and troughs to bring the mind and body back to a harmonious state. In this state, the healing can take place. The sound waves are actually vibrating the areas where the energy has become low or distorted, reminding the brain and body of the healthy vibration that was originally there before the problem began.
Thus Vibrational sounds are used as a tool of therapy. Various researches are going on this area. Digital Music and Musical Vibrations deal in various kinds of therapies. Dr. Julie can explain the role of Musical vibrations and the Digital Music in various kind of therapies. To know more about Digital Music, Visit Dr. Julie.


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