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Monday, November 07, 2005

The Sonic Spectrum Attunements

Digital Music Introduces the 12 part self empowerment series, logistics & scientific rationale of the vibrational visualizations with the Sonic Rainbow Siren musical instrument of vibrational attunement. According to Dr. Julie the Sonic Rainbow Shower is easy listening, instrumental - basic vibrational attunement with the Celestial Sonic Rainbow Siren & percussion, without guided visualization. 64 specific, scientifically determined chords are played by the Sonic Rainbow Siren, to cleanse and vibration organizes the consciousness without intellectualization.
When the Sonic Rainbow Siren of Digital Music penetrates & organize the molecular structures of our physical body with its specific, phi harmonic vibrations, designed to stimulate greater harmonious biological & metabolic action, inner harmony & creative consciousness for overall wellbeing. The Sonic Rainbow Siren synchronizes our personal vibrations & environment, with the ever present Digital Music of the Spheres at the vibrational levels of our whole selves - at all the molecular, fluid & gaseous or ethereal states, keeping our whole, ever integrating vibrational selves & environment in tune & flowing with the continual phi harmonic vibrations & light geometries the magnanimous Music of the Spheres generates.
Dr. Julie invites everybody to be nourished in Spirit, mind & body - by GETTING IN TUNE with the natural creative, phi harmonic flow & pattern of Life with the help of the Sonic Rainbow Siren vibrational attunement instrument!

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