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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Vibrational Sounds: Silence within the tones is the cause of healing

We all are familiar and aware that Digital Music is significantly used in the form of therapy. Various vibrational sounds in the Digital Music that are used in the process of healing provoke a great change in the perception of the deceased to get out form the faith of misfortune or illness.

But the basically it is not that sound works for the healing. But it is the silence between the two tones of the vibrational sound of Digital Music. Silence does not mean that the sounds are deficient but it is the secluded remainder of sound. As the silence is created from the sound thus vibrational sounds are used in the process of healing. So we can say that the Vibrational sounds for the process of healing are healing through the use of silence.

We can conclude that Digital Music produces various vibrational sounds which have the very positive effect on the person who is suffering from physical or mental illness.

Dr. Julie explains the usage of vibrational sounds for healing.


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