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Monday, December 26, 2005

Digital Music Increases Human Potential

Digital music and Meditation on digital music bring an increased ability to focus and concentrate. This boosts efficiency and performance. Meditation is a powerful tool to aid in shifting consciousness. It also helps in increasing productivity because – a balanced, nonstressed state of mind can do better work than unbalanced mind. Music effects brain at different planes. Our moods changes with different type of music. At a very deep level its effect is similar to that of deep meditation.

Digital Music and meditation are complementary. One can get in synch with one's Self, one's true inner Spiritual Essence, through this alignment -digital music is a potent vehicle of travel. Music is the key for relaxing mind, body and soul. Meditation and music maintain balance between inner and outer life. This balance between our inner and outer worlds can produce many new experiences. Music helps us to turn our gaze back inward to restore balance and deepen our self-awareness.
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