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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Digital Music: Unseen hand of God

Digital music is one of the myriads of beauties of God. A mode to feel God’s charisma is to meditate. The energy radiating from God is a principle that emanates as light and sound. Divine light is greater and brighter than any light one can experience on earth, like trillions of Suns shining simultaneously sans the troublous heat. As per Einstein light is sound vibrating at a very high frequency. So, at a very high frequency sound and divine light are akin.

The higher the note higher will be the consciousness inherent in the sound, i.e. the more ethereal the sound. Let us make everyday a celebration. The next time we feel helpless and alone let us remember that God’s arms are around us. Such ethereal sound is a divine melody, sweeter than any other earthly sound, reverberating without involving instruments or vocal chords. So digital music is like the unseen hand of which we, from time to time, ardently pray for help and receive it, but there are numerous times when we do not even ask for aid, and help comes nonetheless. These times are reminders to us that we are not unaided. Let us offer thanks for the myriad ways in which God’s love surrounds and protects us.

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