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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Music Produces Relaxing Effect

Music produces a relaxing effect. A New research shows that slow music produces a relaxing effect, while musical pauses further modulate heart rhythms and circulation patterns in a beneficial way. The effects were most striking for those people who have musical training.
It is found that slow tempo and the calm music helps in slow breathing.
Slower breathing has been linked to lower blood pressure and may help the lungs work more efficiently.

Slower music caused declines in heart rate, with the largest decline seen with raga music.The pause effect occurred regardless of the type of music but was stronger among musicians, who are already trained to measure their breathing with the music.

Digital music thus is very beneficial as it calms down the blood pressures and relaxed your mind thus helps in reducing the stress level.

Thus Digital Music is beneficial for the health.Know more about digital music by Dr Julie


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