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Friday, December 23, 2005

Music Therapy: The Characterstics and Power of Ragas

Every musical raga or note has a profound impact on our lives from instilling a sense of peace, to making the blood race with heightened passion to quelling the savage beast within our breast. In Indian music different musical notes are associated with different feeling and emotions, and the ragas of Indian music are attributed with their own special powers and characteristics.

There are ragas associated with love, ragas that alleviate pain and restore vigour and good health, ragas sung to bestow strength and vigour for a happy married life, ragas to eliminate poverty, ragas that have the power to weaken and cease unhealthy vibrations of bitter feelings emanated by evil minds, ragas that bestow happiness on the singer or listener, ragas that stimulate, sharpen the intellect, instil courage, energise the body, dispel fear, increase confidence, destroy phobias, worry, distress, neurotic disorders, cure mental illness, soothe perturbed minds restoring peace and harmony. Musical ragas or notes or digital music that rejuvenate the mind and allow one to age gracefully, ragas that offer a welcome release for feelings as suppression of the senses is a negative force. Musical notes or ragas have the power to restore positive energies e.g. serenity, peace, inner joy, universal love and great courage. Musical ragas by helping release emotions and feelings restore the body and mind to good health by neutralising the toxins in our bodies.

Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist has compiled a healing range of musical ragas, digital music ragas that have a curative power more powerful than any modern medicine, pleasant digital music notes that confer benefits on singer and listener alike. Each note has a face and form, forget your tiredness as you relax to the soothing notes of Dr. Julie’s musical notes, get your stress and tension under control, enjoy the spirit of peace and harmony. Even science and modern medicine has recognised the efficacy of music therapy!


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