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Friday, December 30, 2005

Music Therapy: Inducing Positive Emotions

If you want to keep the doctor away, have an apple a day, and put on a track of digital music, 20-minutes of music for an assurance of good health. Increasingly, music therapy is being used in medical treatment with considerable success according to Dr. Frances le Roux, a physiotherapist who studies the effect of music on the health of people suffering from pneumonia, bronchitis and other ailments.

She is of the firm opinion music in medicine, not only supports but enhances treatment. According to her, listening to music has affects the immune and endocrine systems (hormonal changes), as well as the psychological state of the patients, and shows a significant change, positively influencing emotions and decreasing the stress hormone cortisol, all markers of improved immunity. “If negative emotions are suppressed, the healing process is blocked, but we proved that with a certain kind of music, positive emotions can instead be stimulated, inhibiting the negative effects of anger and hostility, and so improving healing.” she explains. Negative emotions weaken the immune system and result in negative behavioural changes e.g. anxiety, anger, depression and hostility. Unhappiness causes blockages in the brain while happiness boosts the production of dopamine and serotonin, happiness chemicals.

Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist has a wide range of digital music guaranteed to get the happy chemicals flowing, natural chemicals that have no side effects. Digital music induced chemicals that infuse you with a sense of deep happiness and strengthen the immune system, a guarantee of good health and mental, emotional, physical well-being!


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