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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Music Therapy: The Magic of Music

If music can cure the soul, is it possible to affect a cure for the body simply by listening to music? If you are passionate about music, you know it can, and completely understand that it is powerful medicine. Music, digital music or otherwise, that gets your feet tapping, pulses racing, and fingers snapping in rhythm to the beat, the self-same music stirs your brain. The effect of music on mind, body and soul has even convinced the most die-hard scientists that there is something about music. Studies and research into how music affects the mind and body validates the belief that it can be used to cure damaged minds, returning them to a significant level of health with daily doses of rhythm and harmony.
A wonderful experience, music not only relaxes the body while reducing mental tension, it also assists in concentration and an improved attention span. Plants and animals have been known to respond positively to music too.

Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist has compiled a collection of digital music sounds for safe treatment of all physical, emotional, mental or spiritual needs. Her digital music sounds are guaranteed to help relax, instilling a deep sense of peace and satisfaction as the soothing notes wash over you!


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