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Monday, December 26, 2005

Music Therapy: Powerful Medicine

Look at the Shamans of Venezuela who sing and chant while they affect cures by contacting the tribal spirit ancestors. While, not a complete cure, music therapy improves mental and physical health and the best piece of advice you will get, is to listen to music when down in the dumps and feeling blue. Highly therapeutic, digital music recharges and energises or relaxes and unwinds taut nerves, stressed out minds and tense bodies. Music affects people in different ways, it calms some while energising others, sharpens the mental faculties while inducing a contemplative mood in others, a mood perfect for meditation.

In short, our brains respond to the relaxing powers of music and if you relax your brain for longer frames of time, the power of music heals that much faster. Divided into two parts the left and the right, our left brain is geared for educational, analytical thinking, while the right brain is the part that responds to the music and helps us relax. If the digital music you listen to manages to stimulate the left brain, you can be assured of a complete healing cure. Music therapy is the perfect therapy for restoring and maintaining emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical well-being.

Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist assures you that singing, playing a musical instrument or dancing to digital music will restore you to complete good health. A digital music compilation of naturally healing musical notes from her collection of CDs is available for a guaranteed restorative healing of mental health, developmental and learning abilities, Alzheimer’s, brain injuries, as well as acute, chronic pain. Dr. Julie Trudeau has everything for a digital music cure!


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