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Monday, December 12, 2005

Music Therapy: Spiritual Connections

Music / Digital Music Healing: Creatively Divine
Drawing on wisdom from Eastern and Western traditions, Louise Montello, music therapist, psychoanalyst, research scientist writes: “Music, not only awakens the life of the soul within you, it actually is the vibrational essence of your soul and of all life.”Believing firmly that each living organism inhabiting the universe has a “natural ability to use music and sound” to establish a direct connection with its’ higher self or “soul”, a connection that transforms, facilitating a self-healing,Pain, suffering, and ignorance are a direct result of getting disconnected with one’s innate divinity.

6-step self-healing process that combined with music helps in managing stress are:

1) Problem identification.
2) Realisation of one’s self-worth.
3) Pro-activeness.
4) Identifying and connecting with one’s throat charka.
5) Expressing one self.
6) Voicing thanks.

Integrating music therapy with this six-step guide, not only helps align and balance out of sync minds and bodies, it eliminates stress, controlling it by effectively surrendering to a higher reality, thereby initiating a positive healing.

Dr. Julie Trudeau believes in the healing forces of digital music, benevolent forces that can make you glow with radiant wholeness! As the whirling dervishes dance in sheer ecstasy to the sounds of Sufi chants and music, with the help of which they are able to glimpse the divine power, let the powerful sound of digital music connect you to the universal soul that is a part of you and of each living organism on earth!


At 5:15 AM, Blogger Monica said...

Music serves as a powerful tool in rehabilitation. Steel drums instrument get you relaxed.


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