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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Music Therapy: The Healing Sound of Music

Since time immemorial, the human race has utilised the magical sounds of music to call forth healing Spirits to help banish evil forces, to dispel malignant energies that cause illness, and to help comfort and create wellness of mind, body and soul. Around the world, indigenous societies have cured everything from schizophrenia to snake bites with the power of music.

Music that is sound vibrations, sound that is vibrational energy. Every vibratory sound we hear affects us, affects us physically, as well as, our thoughts, emotions and memories. If our vibrations are not in sync, we fall ill and experience the debilitating force of various diseases. But, we can use musical vibrations as catalysts for healing humans, animals and plants by putting a tune back in our out of sync vibrations, disharmonious vibrations that cause us to feel unwell.

The world may have discarded music as a healing tool, but science is again discovering its many benefits and its effectiveness in medical healing. It not only reduces stress and high blood pressure, cures cancer, it works its magical wonder on numerous human, animal and plant diseases.

With their own unique vibrational frequency, our body parts in order to function, perform tasks and remain healthy, must be in co-ordination with each other, in perfect harmony. Music therapists in healing sessions create music consisting of a pattern of vibrations to help re-tune energy fields of ailing patients. Conduits of healing energies, music therapists can only heal if patients are ready consciously and sub-consciously, if they have unswerving faith in the process. It is not a miraculous, instant healing, but a healing that takes place over time, as patients listen to the carefully selected music compilations that will re-tune their out of tune vibrations.

Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist has put together, just such a compilation of digital music notes to help co-ordinate the vibrations of your mind, body and soul. A tried and tested range of digital music notes that heal and cure, guaranteeing complete satisfaction. You can select any piece of digital music from her wide ranging selection of music CDs. She promises you will listen your way to total wellness and complete well-being .


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