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Monday, January 23, 2006

Music Therapy: The Power of Mantras

Logically, the unfamiliar will ask:'What are mantras?' A mantra is a transcendental sound or Vedic hymn that originated on the Indian sub-continent going back 5,000-years and more. They are sound vibrations that can deliver the mind from illusion. Chanting mantras or prayers is a mystical tradition found in every spiritual path in the world. They can be chanted softly, a repetition that aids one to meditate in a peaceful state of mind, they can be congregational singing of spiritually uplifting songs, prayers, or the sacred names given to the Supreme Being. The familiar process in spiritual traditions the world over, in Eastern traditions, they are called mantras, a process that assists us to focus our mind on the Supreme Being and spiritualise our consciousness.

Man means mind,tra means deliverance,and therefore,a spiritual mantra is the pure sound vibration for delivering the mind from material to spiritual consciousness.The goal of all spiritual paths, each tradition has their own prayers or mantras, but the Vedic mantras are especially powerful and effective in uniting us with the spiritual realm. "Vedic chanting along with classical music reduces stress, anxiety and depression.Ancient Indian culture is so devised that it encourages listening to or chanting Vedic hymns to enhance memory and power of concentration.It has been found that Indian children have more capacity to learn with better memory when brought up on Vedic chanting and music, than those in western countries." according to Dr Krishnamoorthy Srinivas,a senior neurologist.

Many years ago,Brahmin priests accomplished many wondrous deeds simply by chanting particular mantras.Even today, you can chant mantras, prayers or listen to musical sound vibrations to help cure tired,stressed out minds,bodies and souls."Mantras or musical sound vibrations start a powerful vibration which corresponds to both a specific spiritual energy frequency and a state of consciousness in seed form.Over time,the mantra process begins to override all of the other smaller vibrations, which eventually become absorbed by the mantra.After a length of time which varies from individual to individual, the great wave of the mantra stills all other vibrations. Ultimately, the mantra produces a state where the organism vibrates at the rate completely in tune with the energy and spiritual state represented by and contained within the mantra."

Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist confirms that mantras, chants, prayers and digital music sound vibrations have a great power to heal. She has put together special digital music sounds that calm and de-stress you from head to toe, from inside out. Her selection of digital musical sounds will work their positive magic as you put yourself on the road to mental well-being and physical good health! Simply put on a track of her healing digital music sounds and find out for yourself.


At 4:45 AM, Blogger Monica said...

Thanks so much for the great comments! Music is a powerful medium and can do so much for us! Rav vast 2 b celtic minor.


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