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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Music Therapy: Science Proves the Power of Sound

A German physicist in the 18th century discovered that when a violin bow was scraped vertically across the rim of a metal plate,the sound waves produced created patterns in the sand sprinkled on the plate. Different musical tones caused the sand particles to move and create geometric patterns. And, in the 1960's H.Jenny, a Swiss scientist discovered the effects of sound waves on materials placed on metal plates.Low frequency sounds produced simple geometric shapes, while high sound frequencies created more complex patterns.The sound OH was found to produce a perfect circle, while the OM sound created a pattern resembling the Shri Yantra,, which is the ancient mandala for OM used in India for thousands of years. Ultimately, he concluded sound creates form and the entire human body has its own sound made up of the sounds produced by its cells, tissues and organs.

If your cells, tissues and organs produce sounds that are in harmony, your good health is assured. But, if stress or the trials and tribulations of modern day life bog you down, your body's sounds will fall out of harmony,and become jarringly disharmonious,thereby causing you to fall ill.It is important not only for the sounds created by your cells, tissues and organs to be in sync with each other, but it is also imperative that they are in harmony with the universal sounds. That is why the world over, traditional cultures chant, sing, meditate, conducting a kind of fine tuning to ensure mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Dr.Julie Trudeau,a trained therapist, has put together healing sounds that will help body sounds to get in sync inside out.Digital music sounds that will harmonise,easing stress, relaxing tense muscles,banishing depression, sound vibrations that will comfort you. Dr.Julie's hand-picked digital music sound vibrations will ensure a harmonious mind, body and soul connection for total well-being.


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