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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Music Therapy: Sound Healing

Through millennia, music has been known to be a healing force that can work miraculous cures, and sound vibrations were used by ancient civilisations to cure, with traditional cultures that still survive understanding the remarkable healing power that lies in sound. As science explores the veracity of sound healing, it is beginning to find a permanent niche for itself in the field of holistic healthcare.

History tells us through the Bible about how David played his harp to lift King Saul's depression, and 2,600-year old Egyptian papyri have been discovered that refer to incantations cures for rheumatic pain and infertility. The ancient Greeks believed in the power of music to heal mind, body and soul, and used the flute and lyre to treat ailments such as sciatica and gout. Alexander the Great, while in a schizophrenic bout is known to have been restored to sanity by music played upon the lyre, and as an ancient Greek saying goes: "Men have song as a physician for pain."Greek Mathematician, philosopher, Pythagoras, had special incantations and songs chanted and sung to particular airs and rhythms for curing mind/body diseases.

To elucidate what sound healing is,it is a therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the mind/body of the sufferer, in order to bring them to a state of inner/outer harmony and good health. High sound frequencies activate our brains and affect the functions of our rational minds i.e.thinking, spatial perception and memory. Listening to musical sound vibrations increases our concentration and attentiveness. And,just as an opera singer causes glass to vibrate by matching the resonant frequency of the glass, by increasing the volume of their music notes, the resonance can cause the glass to shatter with the power of their singing.Similarly, modern medicine has found that sound waves can be used to break up and shatter kidney and gall stones.

Every cell, organ, bone in the body has its own resonant frequency.Combined they make a combined frequency like the instruments of an orchestra. Therefore, when one organ of the body is out of tune, it affects the whole body. But,a trained music therapist through sound healing can bring the diseased organ into harmony with the rest of the body, thus avoiding the need for drugs or surgery.

Dr. Julie Trudeau,a trained therapist can with the help of her selection of powerful rhythmic vibrations or digital music sounds make your weak vibrations lock into the vibration of her healing sounds, thereby affecting a complete cure of your ailments. Her digital music sounds, not only harmonise you from inside out, they are digital music sounds that can help you to hear your soul forming!


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