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Friday, April 28, 2006

Music is essential for children

Encouraging musical exploration is an easy way to promote intellectual development of a child. Music training has been linked to the ability of learning to read a map, put puzzles together, form mental images, transform/visualize things in space that unfold over time, and recognize relationships between objects. These skills are often helpful in science, math, and chess. Musical symbols, structure, and rhythmic training utilize fractions, ratios, and proportions, which are all important in mathematical study. Music augments memory. For example, most people learn their ABC’s by singing them. Repeating a tune in a predictable rhythmic song structure makes memorization easier. Singing is a great way to aid/improve reading ability and instruction. Solo performance is connected to self-esteem & self-efficacy. (Concept of self capacity) Children learn to reach for their very best. Children who study music/digital music usually have a better attitude, are more motivated and are less intimidated by learning new things.

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